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Client References

The following is a selection of our clients:


ADC's fibre-optics, network equipment, software and integration services make broadband communications a reality worldwide by enabling communications service providers to deliver high-speed Internet, data, video and voice services to consumers and businesses.


Guy Marketing organised the 'Partner' conferences in Europe announcing the merger of ADC Telecomm UK Limited with Saville Systems; convergent billing system innovators.

Alchemy developed repeatable and well-proven processes combined with leading-edge technologies to facilitate the successful movement of data and integration of information at a speed and cost that meets the demands of today's fast moving and competitive business environment. Whether implementing a new ERP system, consolidating existing billing systems, populating a new warehouse/CRM application or feeding data across internal and external system boundaries - the need to deliver high quality data to the new application is a core part of any major system implementation.


Guy Marketing managed all responsibility for corporate identity & branding, Company literature, Website design and maintenance, Public Relations, Direct-marketing initiatives plus both; internal and external events in the UK and abroad.

Dataflow (UK) Ltd offer a true 32-bit client server suite of business software that runs on Windows NT, using Borland InterBase or Microsoft SQL Server as its database. This co-ordinated mid-range financial software handles multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-company data offering a scalability from 5-200 users.


Guy Marketing developed & implemented the marketing & event materials, advertising initiatives, and the management of an agency to support planned PR.

Rave Technologies (UK) Limited has an international team of leading-edge technicians focused on developing business applications and continues to demonstrate a lead over other off-shore houses; Outsourced software construction is optimised for a client base of software houses and IT departments supported by offices in the UK, India and the United States. Rave Technologies is constantly refining a quality methodology for software production ensuring the objectives of remote development are achieved meeting ISO9001.


Guy Marketing manage direct mail campaigns, product and brand development.

SSPA Europe is part of a ten years old association representing over 14,000 service professional members globally. SSPA Europe is dedicated to enhancing the roles of support professionals and serves as a vehicle for growth for the profession of support management by giving service and support professionals opportunities to share ideas, discuss developing trends and network with their peers.


Guy Marketing manage the marketing, telephone research, database generation, direct mail and RSVP's for the company launch into Europe.

Whitelight Technology Limited has, since 1994, been using its specialised experience in the implementation of data warehouses, data marts, and information management applications to enable organisations to gain more value through unified and refined data. Whitelight Technology were a principle participant in the ESPRIT project for the application of 'High Performance Parallel Computing for Medium Sized Retailers' a project specifically focused on the development of a data warehouse solution, meeting the needs of small and medium sized retailers. Decision_Manager for Retail™ is an off-the-shelf vertical data warehouse application, enabling the deployment of a data warehouse in the fastest and most cost-effective manner for small to medium sized retailers.


Guy Marketing manage the research-based marketing, PR, brochures, datasheets, direct mail, plus telemarketing in support of a partnership with IBM.

Sybase Business Intelligence Division offers software and professional services that transform data into actionable information so businesses can increase market share, reduce customer turnover, and up-sell products to existing customers. Sybase BI division partners with other leading business intelligence vendors to provide solutions to specific markets including: financial services, credit card, media, insurance, banking, communications and the Internet.


Guy Marketing's involvement with this blue-chip organisation include lead-generation and logistics for the European CRM Seminar rollout.

In the earliest phases, contracts for a number of developing organisations were secured - some of which have since merged with larger organisations.


One such company was The Customer Engagement Company whose application pinpointed the client's retail customers' with the most potential for profit, so they could be retained for up-selling to them. The basis for this informed decision-making was provided on resource allocation and fostering commitment among the management and staff, by developing the measurements and incentives that can keep them focused on the business objectives.


Responsibilities included corporate identity, literature design, production and supply, market research, PR and numerous events.


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