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Marketing Resource

Ideally, marketing activity achieves the required business goals whilst maximising results - therefore raising ROI. Should you also believe that, concurrently, the marketing agenda needs to ensure synergy of corporate identity and product branding across: corporate image, literature, website, publishing and new media content, then you might like to read on.


Guy Marketing review & assess your current marketing activity, gain an understanding of the specific desires for business growth, build, implement and manage a marketing plan with tailored marketing projects to achieve the desired success.


In parallel, a continuous programme of awareness is instigated with marketing solutions such as innovative lead generation, effective PR and Direct Marketing to engage and retain new customers. Valuable projects including research-based marketing, internet-based marketing and exploiting new techniques to embrace new customers can be aligned to the marketing agenda.


Events including one-to-one lead generation, hospitality, launches and incentives are organised for nurturing prospects, developing customers' business, strengthening strategic alliances or for team-building and staff development.


The instilled marketing knowledge and alliances with professional organisations over the years has prompted the development of a suite of intelligent marketing solutions tailored for three business levels: MarketingCare.


In today's fast-moving technology-driven markets, the essence of marketing remains, that companies need to be at the forefront of their business environment delivering quality products and service, to their customers.



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