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A suite of intelligent solutions for cost-effective and results-oriented marketing, positioned to maximise return on investment.


The three solutions available from Guy Marketing Limited deliver core marketing activity utilising the most effective techniques and technology to a structured plan and implementation process:



The essential marketing agenda to suit the needs of a start-up organisation.


Core requirements such as the delivery of a Company Name, Corporate Identity, Logo and stationery, are assessed against a budget with the creation of a marketing plan for required tasks to be achieved. In parallel the instigation of Public Relations to support awareness and sales opportunities as a springboard for Direct Marketing activity.



A broader marketing agenda to suit the needs of an established small-to-medium enterprise.


This incorporates synergy of Corporate Identity through literature, signage, packaging and publishing, the creation and management of a website through URLs, design, hosting, support, statistical analysis, and visitor interaction techniques.


In parallel, a continuous process of Lead Generation activity through Direct Mail, Tele-Marketing and Trade Event activity including Exhibitions, Seminars, Trade Briefings, Workshops and One-to-One events.



The all-encompassing marketing agenda for existing organisations seeking to develop new territories.


This includes the activities outlined in MarketingCare-Premium, with the addition of bespoke 'special' projects of research-based marketing, email marketing, corporate hospitality, customer profiling, technical & translation services, image & presentation skills.


In today's fast-moving, technology-driven markets the essence of marketing remains, that companies need to be at the forefront of their market, delivering quality products and service to customers. A MarketingCare solution can help achieve and maintain this foundation for business success.


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