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Point Solutions

Strategic Planning & Market Research
Key activities and revenue targets in the client's business plan can be set objectively with a marketing programme created with milestones and budgets. Our approach to strategic planning is to ensure the client receives an integrated marketing plan with measurable results and illustration of return on investment.

Corporate Identity
The developing image of a company can be created with synergy throughout for logos, stationery, signs and collateral (brochures, posters, booklets, presentations, sales packs). These can be complemented with electronic documentation such as web pages, email background templates and other related on-line materials. Existing material for a company with an existing image will be evaluated, an assessment made on how this is best utilised and the benefits of a re-design.

Brand Recognition
A branding programme for a company's product or service can contribute toward an enhanced image leading to significant market positioning. This could take the form of 'call for action' magazine advertising, targeted direct mail, Press launch or Broadcast media. The foundations, background, and beliefs in a product or service will be communicated to a targeted audience and progressed with great effectiveness.

Research-based Marketing
With modern markets changing so quickly, we embrace the combination of research-based marketing with demand-generation in the same project. The result; time-to-new-business significantly reduced. For this, we implement the custom-built database that exactly matches the target audience and the decision-making structure required - dream customers included. This can be a fixed-cost programme, or a scalable study against a monthly budget or period. With the exchange of information with the client, a proposal to identify issues and develop marketing strategies is created. The research findings focus the clients 'effective' positioning and assist the development of the client's value proposition.

Customer Profiling & Lead Generation
Through the process of custom-building a new database or enhancing a client's existing database, Guy Marketing manage the production of bespoke informative results and printed reports of the organisations requested. A report can include contact information, brief overview of company, organisational chart, IT spend, hardware/software environments and the sales opportunity. This is accompanied by intelligent tele-marketing for totally qualified leads for the client.

Direct Marketing
Bespoke design, production, print and fulfilment of newsletters, invitations and mailshots enhance the profile of a company, product launch or regular event. In parallel, comprehensive telemarketing is undertaken with bespoke 'call-flow' software for list validation, database cleansing and ongoing client cultivation.

Internet-based Marketing
Web-casts and E-mail broadcasts are an evolving element of communication in the business environment with exhibitions also presented in virtual worlds. Guy Marketing are constantly working with their clients to produce the most effective campaigns for consistent business growth.

Public Relations
Guy Marketing manages the process for press releases, features, opinion articles, journalist and editorial briefings, press launches, ongoing liaison and agency accounts.

Website & IT Integration
The creation and maintenance of websites forms part of Guy Marketing's technology arm. Websites can be implemented supporting front and back office systems, visitor-interaction techniques, visitor tracking, facilities for web-casting, email broadcasts plus ongoing maintenance. The focus is to ensure client sites continually evolve to reflect a concise graphical and informative site that interacts with your customers with a secure IT infrastructure to support the site.

Event Management
Seminars, exhibitions, management briefings or related events are organised by Guy Marketing with a supporting programme of venue finding, keynote speaker liaison, stand design, construction, logistical arrangements, invitation creation/print and mailing. Delegate management, personnel, event materials e.g. A/V equipment and conference binders, plus post-event follow-up and assessment.

Corporate Hospitality & Incentives
In-house team building and external hospitality in the UK and abroad are organised by Guy Marketing. This could be hospitality for customers or business partners, with special, private, themed events or seasonal staff parties and team-building events.

Technical & Translation Services
Guy Marketing has resources for qualified copywriters, technical authors and technical translators. Our standard translation services include French, German and Spanish, however please enquire for other languages where required.

Image & Presentation Skills
As of early 2002, a new facet is advice for a personal makeover coupled with speaking and presentation skills.


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